麦迪逊阅读在校园里一个美丽的秋日米勒学习中心外与朋友交谈。 (照片通过安德鲁戴维斯打褶/ UGA)





My brother, John, and I both attend UGA! I am a triplet, so we decided to go to UGA at the same time. We are the first ones in our family to be Dawg fans, but the rest of our family has quickly come to love Athens and UGA as much as we do. I am confident that John and I will keep the UGA tradition going in our family for years to come!




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After becoming involved with CURE on UGA’s campus, it was a dream of mine to visit one of the CURE hospitals and meet some of the CURE kids we support. This dream became a reality this past summer through the Honors International Scholars Program. My summer began at the AIC CURE International Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya, where I was able to shadow surgeries, interact with the patients and their families in the hospital wards, and accompany hospital staff on a patient home visit. I was absolutely blown away by the hospital outreach efforts and holistic approach to care that they take.

我在肯尼亚的时间后,我飞到加纳在那里我参加了UGA FACS加纳服务学习计划,与其他12名学生和我们无畏的领导者,博士。安德森。小程序大小帮助我们组成为令人难以置信的联系紧密,我为形成于计划的友谊非常感激。在我们在加纳的时候,我们前往各个社区,进行健康检查,并协助医生。安德森与营养咨询。我们也还能够在阴影玛丽公主路易丝儿童医院的当地医生和大阿克拉地区岭医院在此期间,我学到了很多关于发展中国家在关于保健的挑战。我永远感激我的时间在加纳打开我的眼睛预防保健的重要性,并在我灌输一个新发现的激情营养教育和全球健康。

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During the summer of 2018, I served as an undergraduate research assistant in an Exercise Muscle Physiology Laboratory. Under the mentorship of Dr. Jenkins and his graduate student, Melissa Mcgranahan, I conducted a CURO research project, studying the intersection between mental health, vascular function and exercise. I enjoyed the clinical nature of the research and exploring how our mental health affects our physiological function.

I also currently work as a student assistant at The Ashford Center, a gynecological practice that specializes in endometrial ablations. Dr. Ashford takes a holistic and patient-centered approach with his patients, taking the time to listen to them and consider all potential problems. I have learned a great deal from the high standard of care that he models. Getting to observe Dr. Ashford during surgeries as well as work with other members of his team has helped fuel my many hours spent studying as a tangible reminder of the vessel that medicine is to step into people’s stories.

Additionally, I have had the privilege of being a Phi Beta Kappa member, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Honor Society member, Biochemistry Peer Learning Assistant, tutor at Oasis Católico Santa Rafaela, and Piedmont Athens Regional Community Care Clinic volunteer. My college experience has also been enriched by my time as a Gamma Chi recruitment counselor and as a member of Chi Omega, where I currently serve as the chaplain for our chapter.


社区的感觉......我从我走出校园的那一刻的感觉。我记得我第一次巡回演出在UGA,和我的导游给我们这样的建议:“选择,你可以看到自己成为自己最好的版本,在未来四年学校” UGA不停地弹出到每一次我心目中,我想过这个问题。我也有学生停下来说嘿我在校园里的往事历历在目我的第一次巡回演出期间由学生组织的友好和热心自然被吹走。此外,有机会拥有一个更小的社区之间通过强烈呼吁我的荣誉计划较大的UGA学生。我知道,UGA会为我提供的资源,以学业和个人脱颖而出,我可以自信地说,选择是一个牛头犬是我做过的最好的决定之一。

Some of my favorite moments during the day are running into friends on campus and catching up between classes or in breaks in my schedule. Whether it be Starbucks in Tate or at the top of Ag Hill, it is a day maker running into familiar faces. I also love strolling through campus and enjoying how beautiful it is, especially on fall days when the leaves are changing and it is not too hot!

… to spend it with the people that mean the most to me. With the busyness that often surrounds the culture of college, I have realized that time is extremely precious. There are so many amazing people here to learn and grow from, so it is always a treat getting to spend free time with them. One of my roommates is also a huge foodie, so I enjoy diving into the amazing Athens food scene and exploring all the hidden gems that are unique to this city.

… summit Mount Kilimanjaro! This was truly a bucket list day. We woke up around 11 p.m. and hiked throughout the whole night from the summit base camp. We arrived at Uhuru Peak (19,341 feet up!!!) right at sunrise, and it was one of the most stunning views I have ever seen. Developing friendships with our local mountain guides and learning some Swahili words along trail made it an even more rewarding experience. It was definitely one of the most challenging and physically demanding experiences, but I cannot help but smile looking back on all the stories that came from the adventure.

I have several favorite study spots because I like to mix it up, but the third floor reading room in the Main Library is one of my favorites. The long tables and view of North Campus provide a peaceful and productive environment even during the most stressful test weeks. During MCAT season, I clocked in a good bit of hours on the third floor of the Science Library. My favorite off-campus study spot is the lobby of the Graduate Athens hotel. The coffee shop has great chai tea lattes, and the staff at the hotel is always so kind to students!

Undergraduate 麦迪逊读 poses for a portrait outside of the Miller Learning Center on a beautiful fall day on campus.


The first is Karl Espelie, who has served as amazing mentor to me during my time at UGA. I remember being a nervous freshman pre-med student trying to figure out which classes to take and what opportunities to pursue, and Dr. Espelie kindly took me under his wing. His Honors Seminar opened my eyes to countless opportunities on UGA’s campus and in the Athens community. From answering my phone calls about questions on my medical school application to golden bowls at the Grit, he goes above and beyond to help his students pave a path for success. I think we often underestimate the power that having a single individual believing in us can have, but we should not. Thank you Dr. Espelie for believing in me.

Paula Lemons and Sarah Robinson are two other professors that have inspired me during my time at UGA. Serving as biochemistry peer learning assistant under Dr. Robinson, I saw day in and day out the dedication that she has to her students. She cares that her students learn the material well and does this through an interactive, case-based learning setting. Dr. Lemons also amazes me with her commitment to helping her students excel both personally and academically. I met her through the Science and Faith Book Discussion group that she leads. Seeing the confident woman of faith and passionate scientist that Dr. Lemons is has impacted me greatly.

Lastly, I am also grateful for Elizabeth Hughes. She has served as an invaluable resource to me for countless occasions during my time at UGA. From critiquing my resume to practicing medical school interview questions with me, it is evident that she deeply cares about preparing students well for their future endeavors. I would not have felt as confident in my final medical school application submission without her guidance.



My adventures in Africa this past summer reminded me of the vastness of our world and beauty of exploring other cultures and places. I would love to travel and check some other places off my bucket list! I currently have a strong desire to visit the Patagonia region, some of the national parks out West, and Australia and New Zealand. I have heard those are some of the most stunning places in the world.

My passion is serving as an advocate and encourager to people, helping them realize their full potential. There is great power in helping people recognize their strengths and equipping them with the courage to utilize them for the betterment of others. I believe medicine is an incredible vessel to pursue this passion because it provides the opportunity to inspire people to want take control of their health. Furthermore, having the chance to step into vulnerable moments with people and play a small role in their restoration process is something that excites me as I plan for the next chapter in my life.

I also hope to one day have the necessary medical skills to serve both locally and globally. I love learning new languages, and I hope to use my knowledge of Spanish to bridge the language barrier gap and serve Spanish-speaking patients one day. Furthermore, my time serving internationally has given me a passion for pursuing medical opportunities abroad, and I would love to help bring scientific knowledge, medical training and the hope of the Gospel to future communities I serve in.


I will never forget being in Sanford Stadium as the new red stadium lights came on during the Notre Dame game. There was an electric energy in the air that gave me chill bumps. Everyone around me in the student section was overwhelmed with excitement and pride that we attend the best school in the nation. There is something so special about being in Sanford surrounded by all your best friends!!